Singapore Aquaculture Technologies

Established in 2012, Singapore Aquaculture Technologies set out to develop a technology driven approach to aquaculture whilst keeping in tune with the environment, adopting sustainable practices and producing superior quality products.

How are we making a difference?

  • Ethically farming premium fish
  • Seamless technology through plug and play farms
  • Farm management information systems and cloud based data analytics¬†
  • Solar powered
  • Zero-waste farming in closed loops
  • A step closer to true sustainability

At SAT, we believe that nature has the answers to the majority of humanity’s most pressing problems. It is for this reason we complement and leverage natural processes with technology to create scalable solutions. A combination of digitization, AI and data analytics allow SAT to continually improve our processes, feed and the fish we grow. All of these things work together to make a difference.

SAT operates fish farms and sells ethically farmed premium produce under our product brand BluCurrent. What’s more, technology in the form of complete farms as well as farm management information systems which are linked to cloud based analytics are also sold.

With sustainability at the forefront of SAT, we have made a concerted effort to use fishmeal alternatives, solar energy, zero-waste farming in closed loops and the changing of job scopes for our team to make it more rewarding for all as well as practice social responsibility as a company. 

Together we make a difference.