Farming Technologies

SAT, a pioneer of floating tank based fish farms, operates DATA- and AI driven RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System). This approach allows us to identify and improve the key drivers of performance using multifactorial data analytics.

Our technology focuses on early disease detection for tropical species.

The smart, digitised & automated floating Aquaculture System incorporates key elements that were co-developed with SIEMENS.


SAT is selling plug and play farms. Complete with:
- Data mining
- Cloud-based analytics


We offer farm management information systems showing the most important performance indicators for a fish farm. Whether the input is manual or sensor-driven, the user interface is suitable for net farms and farms keeping fish in tanks. Multifactorial data analytics lead to recommendations for improvements.


The best performing fish are found in a stress free environment. And they taste better too!

SAT designed Fish Farms are floating platforms that produce sustainably sea-farmed fish using closed containment tanks. Water quality is monitored and water is filtered, treated and oxygenated on demand ensuring well defined conditions for stress free growth. The roof top is covered by solar panels to generate solar power while the rain collection system is integrated for fresh water collection. The galley, toilet and separate offices are included. The logistic area of abt. 150 m2 is at the main deck forward from the workshop and warehouse spaces. Major pipe systems and machinery parts are positioned within the underdeck space, on top of the ballast tanks.