Singapore’s Modern Farms Series: Singapore Aquaculture Technologies

Located near Pulau Ubin off the eastern waters of Singapore, Singapore Aquaculture Technologies (SAT) leverages technology to produce sea-farmed fish, sustainably, by using closed containment systems.
By Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore

Spearheading Modern Aquaculture

Aquaculture in the 21st century taps into automation and technology to reduce the reliance on manpower. Through a type of closed containment system known as the recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), water is re-used for fish culturing through multi-level water treatment processes.

A subsidiary of Singapore-based sustainable oil and protein company Wintershine, SAT is spearheading modern aquaculture. In fact, they are one of the first fish farms in Singapore to utilise the closed containment system!

Buffering Against Supply Disruptions

In recent years, Singapore’s fish farmers have seen external elements disrupt their fish production. These include algae blooms, oil spills, and rising sea temperature from global warming, which can kill off tonnes of fish.

SAT has been using the closed containment system since 2012. This means the water where fish are kept are separated from the water in the natural environment.

The closed containment system allows for more control of environmental factors.

With support from AVA’s Agriculture Productivity Fund, SAT built on its earlier prototypes to introduce an enhanced water-filtration system, on-site oxygen generation, and solar panels.

Growing Stress-Free Fish

SAT uses holding tanks on floating platforms, where water quality is monitored and the water is filtered, UV-treated, and oxygenated. This helps achieve the most conducive conditions for growing stress-free fish.

This also ensures minimal use of chemicals and antibiotics in the system and allows fish to grow at densities that are 4 times higher in tanks compared to open net cages.

Not a Fishy Business

SAT produces sea bass, red snapper, and mussels for retailers and restaurants, as well as for home delivery via its sister company Straits Market. They also grow the fish from less than 1g to 300g for other farms in Singapore.

SAT regularly takes part in our SG Farmers’ Markets, so if you’d like to buy and have a taste of their fresh fish, don’t forget to drop by our next one!